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Data Center Console allows you to manage and monitor multiple CDP Servers. In order to be accessible from the Console, the CDP Server must be first registered (added).

Follow the instructions below to add a CDP Server to the Console.

1. Select "CDP Servers" from the Main Menu.

You will access the CDP Servers screen.

2. Click "Register New CDP Server" in the top left-side menu.

3. Fill in the following fields:

  • Identification - Define the name and description (optional) of the CDP Server.
  • Connection Settings - Define the server address and check the box if using SSL. The port can be left as default 9443.
  • Authentication - Define the credentials of any super-user (admin) from this CDP Server.

Click "Register."

4. You should see the following message:

5. Click "OK." The new server will be added to the list.

From here you can perform different actions over the servers (eg. editing, deleting, enabling etc.) For more information, see  Accessing CDP Servers in Data Center Console.

6. After you have added the CDP Server to the Data Center Console, a new "Login As" drop-down menu will appear in the Server's login window.

Now you can log in to the CDP Server using the Console user credentials. Select "Enterprise Console User" from the menu, input your credentials, and click "Login."

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