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About the Linux CDP Data Centers

CDP Data Centers allows you to manage multiple CDP Servers from a single Control Server web interface. Service providers can manage their customers from one single location without having to be concerned with which CDP Server they were assigned to. CDP Servers are fully operational with minimal performance impact during Backups. Customers can also access their resources through the separate Web Server .

Data Centers are facing ever increasing challenges to Backup, Restore, and perform disaster recovery. Some of the challenges include:

  1. Fast Growing Data Centers: Data Centers can grow quickly and unexpectedly. They must be able to roll-out new Backup capacity quickly, easily, and affordably.  
  2. Multi-User Systems: The Backup systems of today's data centers must support a multi-user environment. Often different departments need different levels of access to different sets of servers. In the most extreme cases each server is managed by a different customer. Backup software must accommodate these scenarios. 
  3. Geographically Dispersed Locations: Often facilities span across multiple geographical locations. Deployments must take into account that Backup data needs to be stored locally and not transferred over Data Centers interconnects or Internet bandwidth. At the same time administrators must be able to manage multiple geographically dispersed deployments from one location. 
  4. Support a Variety of Storage Medium: There are many available options for storage. Backup software must not be tied to any particular storage scheme. Some data centers need the cost effectiveness of storing data on Hard Disks or Network Attached Storage Devices, while others need the performance of ISCSI or fiber channel. 
  5. Lack of Central or Physical Control: Customers are often in remote locations where they do not have physical access to their server and need to control Backups and Restores remotely.

CDP Server Data Centers features as compared with CDP Server Stand-Alone features:

  • Command-line interface supporting scripts. Read more in Linux CLI Tools Guide.
  • XML-RPC Service provider API (SAPI).
    The intended audience for the Righteous Backup for Data Centers Service Provider API (Application Programmer Interface) is programmers that need to integrate Righteous Backup for Data Centers into their existing billing and provisioning system.

    Read more in CDP Server API Guide.

  • Manage multiple CDP Servers using one (1) Web Interface.
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