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Configuring Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools

After the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) Tools are installed, you need to write the configuration file for them. This configuration file will contain the name of the server to connect to and the username and password for accessing this server. All of the CLI Tools will look for the configuration in the following file in the current user's home directory:


If you are working as root user, the full name of the configuration file should be the following:


The configuration file itself will have the three (3) following lines:

  • username = admin
  • password = sw0rdfi$h
  • hostname =
    The hostname contains the name or IP address of the server that you want to manage using the CLI Tools. The username and password contain the credentials for accessing this server.

The following four (4) CLI Tools can be used to manipulate storage pools, volumes, users, and hosts:

The above four (4) CLI Tools are outlined in detail in the CLI Tools document.

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