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History Page

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Most work performed by the CDP Server is done as a background or Scheduled Task. The Status and Log records for the Tasks are available for browsing via the History page. The History page displays Tasks specific to the your Host, i.e restore Tasks.

The History page displays the following "Task History" information for your Host:

  • State - The State of the Task.
    Success - The Task completed successfully and without errors.
    Error - The Task has completed with one (1) or more errors.
    Running - The Task is currently running.
    Queued - The Task has been queued and will run as soon as more resources are available. A Task can be queued either when the Host is locked by another Backup or Restore operation, or if the maximum simultaneous Tasks as configured by the CDP Server administrator have been reached.
    Cancelled - The Task has been cancelled.
  • Host - The name of the Host that the Task will be completed for.
  • Type - The type of Host Task. For example, "CP Restore Files."
  • Progress - Bar that displays the progress of the running Task.
  • Started - Time stamp of the date and time the task was started.
  • Finished - Time stamp of the date and time the task was completed.
  • Scheduled Task - The description of the Scheduled Task.
  • Run By -The User that ran the Task or last edited the Scheduled Task.
  • Task Log Messages - Displayed at the bottom of the "Task History" page. Read more in Task Log Messages.

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