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Disk Safe Compression

Disk Safes use zlib also known as gzip compatible compression and are capable of delivering about a 2:1 compression ratio in most environments. Compression is performed at the hard Disk sector level on the Host during a Backup by the CDP Agent. The compressed Disk sectors are sent over the network and stored in its compressed form in the Disk Safe. Compression can be used on its own or in combination with encryption.

Not all data compresses well, such as zip files or other media that is already highly compressed. Sometimes the compressed results are actually larger than the uncompressed data. As an optimization, this case is detected automatically and these data chunks are not compressed.

The Compression Levels are:

  • No Compression
    We recommend "No Compression" to complete Backups in the shortest amount of time over fast LANs (Local Area Networks).
  • Compression 1 Through 9
    Nine (9) is the highest level of compression.

For Backups over the Internet or other slow links we recommend turning compression on.

We recommend level 1, which will deliver close to 50% compression of most data. The higher levels will yield better compression, but at a significant cost in time and CPU usage.

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