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Installing the Linux Web Server for Data Centers

The Web Server installer is a Linux console application, so it can be started in a remote SSH session, in a GUI terminal window (Konsole in KDE, Gnome Terminal in Gnome, etc.), or on the Linux text console. To install the Linux Web Server For Data Centers, perform the following steps:

1. Establish an SSH connection to the Linux server or log in to the text Linux console. You should either log in as root or obtain root permissions after login via su or sudo command.

2. Navigate to the directory where you saved the CDP Server installation file. The installer will be named similar to the following:


The first number of the installer naming convention is the major release number, followed by the minor release number, and lastly, the build number.

3. Execute the file by typing sh, followed by the file name.



4. On the welcome screen press "Next."

5. On the second screen also press "Next."

6. The next screen will display the "R1Soft End User License Agreement." Read it to the end and press "Next."

7. On the next screen, select "Yes" or "No" accordingly.

8. If you receive a warning about insufficient RAM size, familiarize yourself with it and press "Next."

9. On the next screen, select the installation directory for the server. It is safe to leave the "Default" location checked. Press "Next."

If you select the "Custom" option, then you will be prompted to identify the path to install the application. Define a new path and select "Next."

10. The next screen will prompt you to change the default TCP/IP ports that the server will run on. It may be necessary to change these ports if you run a Web Server (for example, Apache) on the same computer. If you do not run a Web Server and do not plan on doing so, it is safe to leave the ports unchanged.

11. The next screen prompts you to set an administrator's Password. The User Name 'admin' and the "admin password" that you select will be used to access the server via the Web Interface. Enter your Password and press "Next."

The Password characters will be replaced by asterisks on the screen.

After pressing "Next" you will be asked to verify the password. Enter the password again and press "Next."

12. The next screen will display the directory where the server will be installed. It is safe to accept the following default value:


Alternatively, you can enter another directory if needed. Choose the directory and press "Yes."

13. The installation process will start.

14. When the process is complete, a successful installation message will be displayed and you can proceed with starting the CDP Server. Select "Yes" or "No" accordingly.

15. The installation program will terminate and show you the URLs for accessing the Server's Web Interface as well as the full path to uninstall the program.
The next steps are described in:

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