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Linux Bare-Metal Restore Guide


Welcome to the R1Soft — Linux Bare-Metal Restore Guide

The purpose of this manual is to provide you with complete instructions on how to perform a Bare-Metal Restore of your Linux Server from the Backup made by CDP Server Stand Alone or CDP Server For Data Centers.

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Common Questions

You may want to view our list of common questions located in the following document:

Common Questions

Table of Contents / Document Order

In order to get the most out of this manual, please follow the order shown below.

    More Information
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    Page: Restoring Windows Dynamic Disks (CDP)
    Page: Bare-Metal Restore of Archive Points (CDP)
    Page: ベアメタルリストアの起動 (CDP JP)
    Page: アーカイブポイントのベアメタルリストアについて (CDP JP)
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