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Accessing the Host Task History

Follow the instructions below to access the "Host Task History" page of your Linux Control Server For Data Centers.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the Linux Control Server Web Interface and log in.

2. Click on "Hosts" in the Main Menu to access the "Hosts" page.

The "Hosts" page typically loads after you log in to the system.

3. Select the appropriate Host by clicking on the Host Name link in the "Host Name" column. You can also click on the corresponding "Open" link in the "Actions" column.

New Feature in Version 2
To find a Host, you can use the Host List Filter.

4. Click on "History" in the "Host" Menu.

5. The "Host Task History" page will load.

The "Host Task History" page displays the following "Task History" information for each Host:

  • State - The State of the Task.
    Read more in Task States.
  • Host - The name of the Host the Task was completed for.
  • Type - The Type of Host Task.
    Read more in Task Types.
  • Progress - A bar that displays the progress of the Task.
  • Started - Time stamp of the date and time the Task was started.
  • Finished - Time stamp of the date and time the Task was completed.
  • Scheduled Task - The description of the Scheduled Task that was entered during the creation of the Task.
  • Run By -The User that ran the Task or last edited the Scheduled Task.
  • Task Log Messages - The Task Log Messages are displayed at the bottom of the "Task History" page. The Task Log Messages consist of the following information:  
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