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Creating a Backup Schedule

After you have successfully added the Host to your system (Adding Hosts), you can schedule the Backup Task for this Host.

The next step is to create a regular Backup schedule for the Host system using the Backup service. The Backups can be made minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. For example, to create the Daily Backup schedule follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the Linux Control Server Web Interface and log in.

2. When the page has loaded, you should see the "Hosts" tab of the interface. If the "Hosts" page does not open, click on "Hosts".

The "Hosts" page typically loads automatically after you log in.

3. Select the Host you want to Backup by clicking on the appropriate Host Name link in the "Host Name" column. You can also click on the corresponding "Open" link under "Actions".

New in Version 2
To find a Host, you can use the Host List Filter.

4. Click "Backup and Restore" in the Main Menu (New in Version 2.5.x).

5. On the following page, click "Schedule Backup".

6. On the following page, make sure the "Save Task" and "Enabled" check boxes have been selected.

7. Enter a description for the Backup Task in the "Description" text box.

8. To create Daily Backups, select "Daily" from the "Recurrence" drop-down menu.

9. Select the hour and minute when you want the Backup Task to start from the "Start Time" drop-down menus.

10. Click "OK".

11. To access the "Scheduler" page, click on "Scheduler".

If you selected "Now" for "Recurrence," you will be redirected to the "History" page. You can observe the progress of your Task fulfillment.

12. On the "Scheduler" page, your Backup Task will be displayed in the list. The Scheduler page allows you to run the selected Task immediately, to edit the Task's settings, and to disable and delete Tasks. See the "Actions" column.

13. When the scheduled time occurs, the Backup Task will start. You can view the Task status on the "History" page. Click on "History" in the "Host" (or Main) Menu.

The "History" page is described in Linux Control Server - Task History.
More information
You can learn how to restore your backed up files in Linux Control Server - Restoring, Linux Bare-Metal Restore Guide and Windows Bare-Metal Restore Guide.
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