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Registering CDP Server as a Cluster Node

A CDP Server can be Stand-Alone or a Node that is part of a Data Center Cluster. Once the CDP Server is installed (see Installing The Linux CDP Server For Data Centers), register it as a Cluster Node.

Follow the instructions below to register a new CDP Server as a Node of a Data Center Cluster.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the Linux Control Server Web Interface and log in.

2. Click on "Cluster" in the Main Menu.

3. Click "Register New Cluster Node" to open the "New Cluster Node" window.

4. Copy the Control Server's Public Key to the Clipboard.

Copy the entire Public Key including the " -- Begin Public Key -- " and " --End Public Key -- " strings.
You can download the Public Key as a text file. Click on the "here" link.

5. Place the text file containing the Control Server's Public Key in the server.allow directory on the Web Server installation.

The text file should have a name similar to the Host Name or IP address of the Control Server.

Default path for Linux:


SERVER_IP is the IP address of the Server.

For example, if the Control Server has IP address, then the file should be in the following location:


Open the file in your favorite Linux text editor - vi, emacs, pico or mcedit, and enter or paste the Server Key into the file and save accordingly. The following example shows the file opened in mcedit - the editor that is built in the Midnight Commander file manager.

The following example shows the file opened in vi.

If you do not know how to work with text editors in Linux SSH session, run the following command:

cat > /usr/r1soft/buserver/etc/server.allow/SERVER_IP

Next, paste the Server Key from the clipboard and press Ctrl-D.


It is recommended to use PuTTY as an SSH client. It allows you to paste the text from the Windows clipboard by pressing the right mouse button. You can download PuTTY at the following address:

6. Enter the Host Name or IP address of the CDP Server that you are adding in the "Cluster Node Host Name" text box.

7. Click "OK".

8. If the Control Server has recognized the Node, the next page prompts you to enter the IP address of the CDP Server when this Server connects to Hosts (Backup Agents).

It may be the same IP address that you entered on the previous page.

9. After you have entered the IP address, click "OK".

10. If the Control Server recognizes the Node, the next page will prompt you to activate the license for your Node. You need the Product Key you received from the R1Soft sales team upon purchasing the software.

10.1 The Product Key was sent by email to you. You can also find the Product Key in your customer area at the website. Click on the "Manage Licenses" menu item.

10.2 Enter your "User Name" and "Password" and click "Login".

10.3 Select the appropriate license from the list and click on the "Open" link corresponding to the license.

If you have more than 10 licenses, the Product Keys list will be divided into several pages and you will need to click "Next" to find the necessary license.

10.4 Copy the Product Key to the Clipboard by highlighting it with your mouse and pressing Ctrl+C.

10.5 Return to the Control Server Web Interface. Paste the Product Key for the Cluster Node in the "Product Key" text box on the "License Activation" page.

11. Enter a Server Description for the Cluster Node in the "Server Description" text box.

12. Click "OK".

For each CDP Server Node, you need to enter a Storage Pool, Storage Disk, and Volume. See Adding a Storage Pool.
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