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Agent Settings

New in Version 2
Agent Port and Timeout are configurable.

The following default settings should be used when connecting to the Agent. While adding a Host, the default settings are shown and can be changed if needed.

The following settings are available:

  • Create Log Cleanup Task For New Hosts - Allows you to set up Log Cleanup Task by default for newly created Hosts. This Task rotates out old log files System-wide for all Hosts after a configurable number of days. For more information, see System Tasks.
  • Default time to retain logs (days) (New in Version 2.5) - Option for default number of log rotation days.
  • Log all files and folders successfully restored (New in Version 2.11) - This feature allows the user to log all files and folders that were successfully restored to the CDP Server logs. Select the check box to enable. 
  • Max number of file success events to log (0=infinite) (New in Version 2.11) - Define the maximum number of success events to log. Default value is "100."
  • Default Remote Port - Default is 1167. You may want to change the default port for the CDP Agent in the following two (2) cases:
    • There is a firewall between the CDP Server and Agent that does not allow the CDP
      Server to connect to the CDP Agent via a standard port.
    • There is a very important service that runs on the same port as the CDP Agent.
  • Default Timeout (seconds) - Default is 120.
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