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#r1key is designed to manage the Keys of the CDP Servers that the CDP Agent is aware of. The #r1key command line utility is used to manage the Agent RSA Public Keys without having to cut and paste. The command line options are described below.


There are five (5) options for the r1key tool.

  • -v (or --version ) - Prints version and exit.
  • -a URL (or --add URL ) - Adds Key for CDP Server specified with the URL of the CDP Server. r1key will connect to your server using either HTTP or HTTPS protocols to download the CDP Server as a Public RSA authentication Key.
  • -r KEY (or --remove KEY) - Removes the configured Key for the CDP Server specified with "KEY" from the /etc/buagent/server.allow directory. "KEY" is the IP address or URL of the CDP Server.
  • -l (or --list ) - Lists installed CDP Server Keys.
  • -? (or --help ) - Displays the list of options with descriptions.

To see all of the options the r1key supports, run the tool without options as follows:

[root@r1buagent ~]# r1key


Usage: r1key -? | -v | -a URL | -r KEY Options: -?, --help         Show this help message -v, --version      Show version information Actions: -a, --add          Add key for CDP Server. -r, --remove       Remove key for CDP Server. -l, --list         List installed CDP Server keys. Examples: Add Key: r1key -a r1key -a r1key -a r1key -a r1key -a Remove Key: r1key -r r1key -r r1key -r r1key -r r1key -r

Directory of CDP Server authentication Keys:


Key files must be named with the IP address of the CDP Server and contain a valid RSA Public Key.

See also Linux Agent CLI - Managing CDP Server Keys.

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