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Data Center Console (DCC) is designed to provide a centralized monitoring and management domain over a large collection of Server Backup Managers. After installing the Console, customers may add each of their Advanced and Enterprise Backup Managers via a convenient registration panel within DCC's administration web application. Once added, each backup manager will continuously update Console's Dashboard with information about its configuration and status.

DCC also allows users to "drill down" to any of the connected backup managers to manage their configuration or view some particular details. This process is done in a convenient way using a special quick access bar.

Data Center Console provides domain level user and group management. You can add Users and Groups, define their permissions, and then use their credentials to log in to any connected Backup Manager. All created users and groups are "pushed down" to the backup managers, allowing customers to centralize user administration across the domain.

Data Center Console also allows you to create and manage backup manager objects such as Disk Safes, Volumes and Servers.

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