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Continuous Data Protection® 3.0 - Standard Edition

Standard Edition Features*

  • Single Server Backup
    CDP 2.0 required a dedicated CDP Server be set up.  Those days are over.  Install Single Server directly on the server you would like to back up. 
    Store your disk safes on:** Your Primary hard disks (automatically excluded from replica)** Secondary (backup) hard disks** Network drives (e.g. NFS, CIFS / Windows share, etc) 
  • File and Folder Excludes
    Exclude files and folders by browsing your files and selecting only the folders or files you want to backup.  Define complex exclude rules using patterns.
  • All new Disk Safe with built-in on-disk journaling for fast industrial strength crash recovery
    We have built a new Disk Safe storage engine from the ground up incorporating proven journaling methods so your data is always there all the time no matter how tough your environment is.
  • The New R1Soft Disk Safe is fast and flexible
    Copy Disk Safes between CDP installations.  Move them around.  Take them with you.  Disk Safes can now be moved and copied just like regular files and they always contain everything you need to restore
  • Full support for restoring file paths with international characters in all languages
  • All New User Interface
    Task Alerts, Dashboard, Recovery Point Searching, New Synchronization Statistics, All New File Browser, All new Data Protection Policy 
  • New Hard and soft Free Disk Space Quotas
    Never fill up your backup disk space without warning
  • All new Linux CDP Device Driver
    What can we say.  We are the only Continuous Data Protection solution for Linux and after 4 years of doing Linux CDP we have learned a lot through the school of hard knocks.  After many sleepless nights our kernel programmers have developed a completely new Linux CDP device driver from the ground up that performs like never before.
  • Windows Server Support
    Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Easy-to-use RPM and .deb package installer for Linux
    Everyone has been asking us for Linux RPMs.  Well with 3.0 now you have it.  3.0 Single Server is installed with two RPMs (or .deb packages).  One RPM contains the 3.0 Single Server binaries.  A second package is updated every other day with the latest Linux CDP binary device driver support available straight from our Debian or Yum repository.

*Note: R1Soft reserves the right to change release dates, product features, and prices at any time.

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