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SBM fails to start after updating the kernel to patch the StackGuard Vulnerability


The SBM fails to start. Log entries show the service stopping, but does not show a reason why.

Example monitor.log output: STATUS | monitor  | 2017/06/21 09:00:00 | Launching a Service... ERROR  | monitor  | 2017/06/21 09:00:00 | Service exited while loading the application. STATUS | monitor  | 2017/06/21 09:00:00 | Service Restarts disabled.  Shutting down. STATUS | monitor  | 2017/06/21 09:00:00 | <-- Monitor Stopped


Kernel-side fixes to resolve the StackGuard vulnerability, included a change to increase the stack guard gap size from one page to 1 MiB. On an SBM, this caused Java to fail to allocate memory from the same (already allocated) space, and segfault as a result.


Our workaround is to increase the stack size to 2048k, to allow Java to allocate the appropriate amount of memory to operate the SBM.

-Open our server.conf file using your preferred text editor: /usr/sbin/r1soft/conf/server.conf -Locate the last "additional.X" line, and add a new line, incrementing the last number by 1. For example, if your last active line is: additional.18=-XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=1024m You would need to add the following: additional.19=-Xss2048k -Save the file -Restart the SBM # service cdp-server restart

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