Monitoring Disk Safes in Data Center Console

CDP Data Center Console allows you to monitor parameters of Disk Safes on multiple CDP Servers at once. You can do so from the "Disk Safes" screen.

Follow the instructions below to access the "Disk Safes" screen.

1. Select "Disk Safes" from the Main Menu.

You will enter the "Disk Safes" screen.

The "Disk Safes" List | Details Pane

The "Disk Safes" List

The list of all Disk Safes is displayed with the following columns:

This column also contains the icon. Clicking this icon will allow you to "drill down" to the specified CDP's "Disk Safes" screen.

Filtering the "Disk Safes" List

You can use a Basic List Filter to sort the "Disk Safes" list. Click on the "Basic List Filter" button to access the filtering options.

1. Select the necessary options to filter.

2. Select the type of search from the drop-down menu (Starts With/Contains/Ends With) and enter the Name//Server name to the field. Select whether to display "Opened" or "Closed" Disk Safes.

For example:

3. Click on the "Filter" button.

If you want to discard filtering options and view the whole list, click "Show all."

Details Pane

Click on a Disk Safe in the list to see its details in the "Details" pane. This pane provides more detailed information about the Disk Safe selected in the list. The pane has three sections:

Most of the information presented in these sections is the same as the data shown in the Disk Safes list columns (See above). Extra information is following:

For more information about server details, see Accessing CDP Servers in Data Center Console.

For more information about Agent details, see Monitoring Agents in Data Center Console.

For more information about Volume details, see Monitoring Volumes in Data Center Console.