CDP 3.12.2 Release Notes

CDP 3.12.2 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes 4 product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.


Release 3.12.2 This update to 3.12.1 contains two improvements:
If you have already installed or upgraded to the 3.12.0 or 3.12.1 agent, there is no need to install the 3.12.2 agent as no changes have been made to this application.
Release 3.12.1 Addresses Issues with 3.8.x Upgrade and MySQL Discovery Performance:

There have been a small number of issues with customers upgrading from 3.8.x or who previously had one of these versions installed. This update will correct the problem for these customers experiencing issues upgrading or running CDP Server after upgrading to 3.12 and prevent this issue on future upgrades.

This release also corrects a performance problem with discovery and backup of MySQL databases which was introduced in 3.12.0. This fix returns performance to speeds achieved in 3.10.

Upgrading customers may experience a delay when starting the WebUI:
Customers Upgrading with Customized Heap Settings:
MySQL Users:

CDP Standard Edition

Continuous Data Protection - Standard Edition is an Affordable High Performance Disk to Disk Backup Software for Windows and Linux Servers.  Store and archive Virtual Full Backup replicas onto disk based storage including second hard drives and Network Storage (NAS).

CDP Advanced Edition

Continuous Data Protection - Advanced Edition is CDP Standard Edition with:

Advanced Edition Features Coming Soon

CDP Enterprise Edition

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection 3.0 Enterprise Edition is affordable high-performance disk-to-disk server backup software for Windows servers, featuring a central management and data repository.

Enterprise Edition Features Coming Soon

CDP Data Center Console

CDP 3.0 Data Center Console is designed to provide a centralized monitoring and management domain over a large collection of CDP Servers. It provides a highly scalable solution for managing up to 100 CDP Servers. Policy health can be monitored from a dashboard overview. CDP Servers work even in case of Data Center Console failure and Data Center Console created users can access all CDP Servers being managed through the console. CDP 3.0 Data Center Console is now available. Please contact your R1Soft Sales Account Manager to arrange a download.

Key features of CDP 3.0 Data Center Console include:

Known Issue with Windows Restoring to Alternate Locations at Drive Level

We have discovered an issue in Windows where restoring to an alternate location at drive level (e.g. C:\ to G) causes a restore failure. The work-around is to drill down one level, select ALL, then restore to an alternate location.

Known Issue for Policy SOAP API Archiving Support

At this time Archiving is not supported in the Policy API however there are plans to add support in a future version.

Known Issue for Linux Agents

We have discovered that many versions of the utility 'fdisk' are broken and do not correctly create the embedded partition ID in the partition table (it is all zeros).CDP 3 uses this partition ID to correctly locate partition tables on your server and is required for backing up partition tables.

If you see something like the following message: "Can not back up /dev/xxx partition since /dev/xyz partition has the same identifier"; Then you will need to manually create a partition id.Please see the following knowledge base article:

Known Linux Kernels with Severely Broken Ext4

There was an issue with Ext4 introduced in "vanilla" kernel 2.6.32 and has been patched and released "down stream" into various Linux distributions.  When any Ext4 file system snapshot is performed on an effected kernel the file system can deadlock causing a hung or crashed operating system.

**This is a Linux kernel bug completely out of the control of R1Soft**

Do not use the following Linux kernel versions with Ext4:

More Information: Bug Report

Ubuntu Bug Report;

Known Issue When Deleting a CDP Server in Data Center Console

When deleting a CDP Server in Data Center Console using the red X a "Could not delete CDP" error is received. The work-around is to select the check box and click Delete Selected.

Issues Fixed in 3.12.x

Issue Resizing devices or file systems in Linux causes incremental backups to fail
Issue Linux agent incorrectly exits if no kernel module found
Issue Root passwords of primary instance are changed/reverted when restoring a MySQL database OR table
Issue Server.conf custom config settings overwritten on upgrade (see "Important Notes" above)
Issue CDP Configuration Utility in Windows displays enabled for DEBUG mode for the agent even though it is disabled
Issue SOAP API Get Disk Safe does not return Volume ID
Issue High load during backup of Virtuozzo Server
Issue Leaving browser open on task list causes browser to become unresponsive
Issue Control panel users should see a progress indicator when downloading and sending archives
Issue Watchdog Kernel thread makes Linux load appear high
Issue 2.6.38 Kernel module failure
Issue Database constraints are not restored
Issue Unable to restore MySQL backup
Issue MySQL starting instance errors not sent to CDP Server
Issue Backup fails on EFI partitions

What To Do If You Find An Issue in This Release

  1. Logon to the support portal
  2. Create a new issue. Enter CDP 3 for the version.


You can access CDP 3 documentation here: