CDP 3.16.0 Release Notes

CDP 3.16.0 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes 4 product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.


Linux Agent Crash when Excluding Root "/" and Included Device Contains Symlinks

Corrected an issue where Linux Agents failed when using Advanced Excludes that contained symlinks and the excluded drive was root "/".

Task Scheduler Jobs Fail

Resolved an issue where scheduled policies fail to run although the UI reports next scheduled run time.

API Backing File Not Detecting OS (Linux)

Agent OS version was not set and would reject backing file request via API calls if the agent OS was unknown. This issue is now resolved and a backing file location can be set via the API if the agents type is unknown or Linux.

The Backing File Location feature added in 3.14 allows Linux users to define a path by specifying a mount point of a device to use for changed block storage. Specifying a backing file is useful when experiencing disk full events or storing snapshots on a separate dedicated disk to help reduce the load during backup.

Performance issues were corrected for CDP Agent Kernel Driver versions between but not including 4.1.1-13785 (last known good) and 4.2.1-15846 (current release fixed)

CDP Agent Kernel Drivers caused excessive disk IO and used more disk space on servers already under high loads due to an increase in the chunk size (from 64 KB to 1 MB) used for COW operations. Kernel Driver 4.2.1-15846 has returned the chunk size to 64 KB.

Agent Shuts Down When Kernel Version is 3.x

Resolved an issue where the agent would start and then shut down if the Linux Kernel version was 3.x.

Missing Files for Interworx Control Panel Integration

Distribute files needed for Interworx Control Panel Integration which were missing in 3.14 installation.

Null Pointer Errors in Task History Cleanup

NPE's received during Task History Cleanup if task history included database restores and Control Panel backup task

DCC User Group Edit privileges

Power User will no longer have the ability to view or edit Agents/Volumes to which they lack permissions and these changes will be saved in CDP

DCC Losing CDP Group Assignment on Refresh

Refresh from DCC will no longer remove Agent assignments from Groups and Power Users

CPD Shutdown message (Active MQ) is no longer written to the log file.

No longer will JMS Listener messages be sent to the LOG file when transactions cause an exception


Full Block Scans Required on Agent Upgrade:
Upgrading Windows Agent from 2.x to 3.14 or later:
Archiving Schedules Upgrading from CDP 3.10:
Customers Upgrading with Customized Heap Settings:
Upgrading customers (3.10 or earlier) may experience a delay when starting the WebUI:


Windows Restoring to Alternate Locations at Drive Level

We have discovered an issue in Windows where restoring to an alternate location at drive level (e.g. C:\ to G) causes a restore failure. The work-around is to drill down one level, select ALL, then restore to an alternate location.

Policy SOAP API Archiving Support

At this time Archiving is not supported in the Policy API however there are plans to add support in a future version.

Linux Agents

We have discovered that many versions of the utility 'fdisk' are broken and do not correctly create the embedded partition ID in the partition table (it is all zeros).CDP 3 uses this partition ID to correctly locate partition tables on your server and is required for backing up partition tables.

If you see something like the following message: "Cannot back up /dev/xxx partition since /dev/xyz partition has the same identifier"; Then you will need to manually create a partition id. Please see the following knowledge base article:

Linux Kernels with Severely Broken Ext4

There was an issue with Ext4 introduced in "vanilla" kernel 2.6.32 and has been patched and released "down stream" into various Linux distributions.  When any Ext4 file system snapshot is performed on an effected kernel the file system can deadlock causing a hung or crashed operating system.

**This is a Linux kernel bug completely out of the control of R1Soft**

Do not use the following Linux kernel versions with Ext4:

More Information: Bug Report

Ubuntu Bug Report;

What To Do If You Find An Issue in This Release

  1. Log on to the support portal
  2. Create a new issue. Enter CDP 3 for the version.


You can access CDP 3 documentation here: