CDP 3.18.0 Release Notes

CDP 3.18.0 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes 4 product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.

Release Date: 01/06/2012
Server/Agent Build Version: 16162
Module Version: 4.2.1-16082


UPDATE: New VSS Filter Driver for Windows Agent

CDP 3.18.0 Windows Agent includes a new VSS Filter driver. This update will require a server reboot after installation.

Linux LVM Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

CDP 3.18 and later performs automatic backup and restores for LVM devices installed on Linux. Earlier versions of CDP 3, required the user to create the logical volumes using standard LVM utilities before performing the BMR. This manual step is no longer necessary and LVM restores can now be accomplished via the Bare Metal Restore wizard. For more information see: Bare-Metal Restore with LVM or  Bare-Metal Restore with LVM and RAID.

Control Panel Direct File Restore

Allows Control Panel users to directly restore files to their Control Panel directory.

SOAP API Enhancements for Agent, Disk Safe, Policy, and new API feature Configuration

This release includes many improvements for the SOAP API. In addition to the new Configuration method, CDP includes new features for Agent, Disk Safe and Policy which are listed below:

Data Center Console (DCC) Updates
UTF-8 Character Support

Added support for UTF-8 character sets to allow CDP to perform backup and restores in languages such as Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Ignore Loop Devices during Device Discovery

CDP automatically skips all devices mounted as loop during device discovery.

MySQL Add-On Limit

Customers can now restrict MySQL Add-on limits by setting the limit to zero(0).

Logging Support - User Actions

User logging is now available. This feature logs the username of the CDP user when initiating tasks such as backup and restores.

UI Wording Changes for Disk Safe and Control Panel

The terminology in the CDP and DCC interfaces has been improved to be consistent with IT terminology. The following updates were made for Disk Safes and Control Panel:

InnoDB File Single Table Restores

Improvement made to alleviate errors received when InnoDB per table file restore setting is enabled in MySQL.

Policy Bulk Run

User now have the option to select all or many policies to execute via the "Run Selected" button.

Agent Details Expanded in CDP and DCC

Agent List and Details displays the following information for an Agent:

CDP Servers Host name or IPaddress on Title Bar

Launching CDP server from DCC now displays the Hostname or IPaddress of the CDP Server in the titlebar.


Windows RAID not Booting after BMR

Fixed an issue where the user had to change partition type from SFS to NTFS for the Windows system to boot.

Agent Shutdown when Device is Full or Ready Only

Fixed an issue where the Agent would shut down if the device was full or read only. The policy will fail in this scenario but the agent will no longer shut down. In addition, the backing file location is now available for Linux users for disk full events.

HCP Utility Free Quota Message Unclear

Changed hcp utility error message from "hcp: error, quota '5' is too high. please check the quota and try again" to "hcp: error, available reserved disk space too low. Please lower the quota and try again. hcp: error, could not setup snap shot request.". This error occurs when the file system has less than 5% free space prior to snapshot creation.

Re-size Server Information page

Fixed an issue where the Server Information page could not be re-sized and did not provide scroll bars when the window was made smaller.

Unable to Cancel a Queued Task

Resolved an issue where a queued task could only be cancelled if no recovery points existed in the disk safe and task state changed from queued to running.

Task History Clean-up Fails on Control Panel and MySQL Task

Fixed an issue where Task History Cleanup would fail on Control Panel task and MySQL backup task with no alerts existed.

Email Address for DCC User Not Available on CDP Servers

After creating a DCC account the local CDP users email address would disappear. The email address is now available in both CDP and DCC.

Policy Shows Control Panel Tab on Windows Agent

We resolved an issue where a user could add a Control Panel to a Windows agent. This issue caused confusion for our customers since Control Panel for Windows is not supported and will not work.

DCC Upgrade Issue

Resolved an issue where upgrading DCC overwrote server.conf and settings.


CDP 3.18.0 VSS Filter Driver for Windows Agent Requires Reboot:
Full Block Scans Required on Agent Upgrade:
Upgrading Windows Agent from 2.x to 3.14 or later:
Archiving Schedules Upgrading from CDP 3.10:
Customers Upgrading with Customized Heap Settings:
Upgrading customers (3.10 or earlier) may experience a delay when starting the WebUI:


Windows Restoring to Alternate Locations at Drive Level

In Windows, when restoring to an alternate location at the drive level (e.g. C:\ to G) you must drill down one level, select ALL, then restore to the alternate location.

Virtuozzo Control Panel User File Restore

Users from Virtuozzo containers and control panel users residing on said containers are not able to restore files at this time. We are working on fixing this issue in our next release.

BMR of Encrypted Disk Safe

There is an issue when performing a BMR to "Original Host" using an encrypted disk safe due to a missing encryption key. The work around to a successful BMR of an encrypted disk safe is to use the "Alternate Host" option and IP address of the original host.

What To Do If You Find An Issue in This Release

  1. Log on to the support portal
  2. Create a new issue. Enter CDP 3 for the version.


You can access CDP 3 documentation here: