CDP 3.18.1 Release Notes

CDP 3.18.1 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes 4 product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.

Release Date: 01/20/2012
Server/Agent Build Version: 16225
Module Version: 4.2.1-16082


CDP Task Hanging

This release corrects an issue in 3.18.0 where all tasks on the CDP Server would lock and/or the CDP Server UI became completely unresponsive. This issue is typically triggered by larger scale CDP Servers where all or most Disk Safes are in a single volume. Due to the severity of this issue and our commitment to quality as a precaution 3.18.0 was made unavailable for 3 days while we isolated the problem and made corrections. This issue is very difficult to reproduce, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Support of Localized Character Sets

This release corrects an issue where invalid values were returned when using localized character sets.

Access to Non Supported Features in Advance Edition

This release corrects an issue where users were able to access non-supported features via URL in Advanced Edition.

Install Detects CDP 2.x and Blocks Agent Installation

This release corrects an issue where the CDP 3.18 (and earlier)  installation package would erroneously detect a CDP 2.x Agent causing an interrupted installation of CDP 3.x agent.

Error Restoring DB Recovery Points on Different Pages

This release corrects an exception error during attempts to restore database recovery points located on different pages of the Recovery Point tab.

API Create Disk

This release corrects a path issue with Disk Safes on Volume and Quota types failing when using None.


VSS Filter Driver for Windows Agent Requires Reboot:
Full Block Scans Required on Agent Upgrade:
Upgrading Windows Agent from 2.x to 3.14 or later:
Archiving Schedules Upgrading from CDP 3.10:
Customers Upgrading with Customized Heap Settings:
Upgrading customers (3.10 or earlier) may experience a delay when starting the WebUI:


Windows Restoring to Alternate Locations at Drive Level

In Windows, when restoring to an alternate location at the drive level (e.g. C:\ to G) you must drill down one level, select ALL, then restore to the alternate location.

Virtuozzo Control Panel User File Restore

The new feature of self-service direct file restore to original location for control panel end-users is not currently available on control panels located inside Virtuozzo containers. The methods of restoring to zip/tar into the container Control Panel Restore and direct download via the web interface are still available.

BMR of Encrypted Disk Safe

There is an issue when performing a BMR to "Original Host" using an encrypted disk safe due to a missing encryption key. The work around to a successful BMR of an encrypted disk safe is to use the "Alternate Host" option and IP address of the original host.

What To Do If You Find An Issue in This Release

  1. Log on to the support portal
  2. Create a new issue. Enter CDP 3 for the version.


You can access CDP 3 documentation here: