Accessing API Documentation

You can access the API Documentation by following the below steps.

1. Open a web browser and type in one of the following addresses: https://<cdpserveraddress>/apidoc or http://<cdpserveraddress>/apidoc.

You can configure the HTTP and SSL connections for API in "Configuration." There, you can enable/disable HTTP and SSL connections and specify ports and maximum allowed connections. For an SSL connection, you can define the keystore path. See Configuring API Server Options.

You can find instructions on how to find the <cdpserveraddress> in Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface.

2. Once you have established a connection to the CDP Server, you will see the main page of the R1Soft CDP Server API Documentation.

3. To find the "Class List" in the API Documentation, click on "Classes" in the Main Menu.

4. In the sub-menu of "Classes," you can access the following sections:

You can use the Search window to find the necessary class in the API Documentation.