Copying and Moving Disk Safes

With CDP you can:
  • Move Disk Safe from one location to another on a CDP Server
  • Copy Disk Safes from one CDP Server to another
  • Copy Disk Safes across Windows / Linux platforms 
Always close your Disk Safe in the CDP Web Interface before making a copy. It is not safe to copy the Disk Safe if it is open.
If you move or copy a Disk Safe folder, always move or copy its complete contents. Never attempt to copy individual files from one Disk Safe to another. Doing so may damage your Disk Safe.

Follow the instructions below to copy/move Disk Safes.

1. Close the Disk Safe. See Closing Disk Safes.

2. Detach the Disk Safe. This procedure will not delete any data. See Detaching Disk Safes.

3. Copy/move the Disk Safe folder wherever you want.

Using Windows Explorer you can drag-and-drop, scp, cp, xcopy, etc.

4. Open the Disk Safe in the new location. You can open the Disk Safe on the same CDP Server or a different one. See Attaching Disk Safes.

All Recovery Points are copied/moved together with the Disk Safe.