Accessing Devices

Follow the instructions below to access the Devices assigned to a Disk Safe in your CDP Server.

1. Click on "Disk Safes" in the Main Menu to access the "Disk Safes" page.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Advanced Edition

2. In the "Disk Safes" list, find a Disk Safe and click on the "Edit" icon in the "Actions" column for this Disk Safe.

To find a Disk Safe, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See Customizing the Disk Safes List.

3. The "Edit Disk Safe" window opens.

4. Choose the "Devices" tab. On the right, the Devices already assigned to the Disk Safe are shown. On the left, you can view the list of all Devices that exist on the Host.

If you need to exclude folders/files located on a Device, you can do it while defining the Policy's properties. See Excluding Files and Folders.

In the "Devices" tab, there are the following main areas:

Devices on Agent | Devices In Disk Safe | Device Details

Devices on Agent

This pane provides you with information about Devices that currently exist on the Host. To view the list of Devices, click the "Get Devices from Agent" button.


Devices In Disk Safe

This pane provides you with information about Devices that are currently assigned to the Disk Safe. 

Device Details

You can access details of the Device clicking on the "Details" sign.

The "Details" window provides the following information about the selected Device:


Disk Info

Replication Details