Accessing Task History

Follow the instructions below to access the Task History screen via the CDP Interface.

Click on Task History in the Main Menu to open the Task History screen.

Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition
You can access the Task History screen by manually appending the /TaskHistory/ folder to the CDP Server address in the browser address bar. Example: Note that the address is case sensitive.

The Task History screen is divided into the following areas:

Task History Menu | The Task History List | Details Pane

Task History Menu

The following Task History menu buttons are available:

The Task History List

The Task History list provides information about running and completed Tasks in a grid format.

You may organize information such as filtering out the items you do not need to see. You can also sort items, limit the number of items displayed per page and specify which columns you want to display. See Customizing the Task History List.

To find out the name of a column heading, hover the mouse pointer over the column heading, without clicking it. The title will be displayed in a yellow tooltip.


Details Pane

This area provides detailed information about the Task selected in the list. The data is presented in tabs. The following information is available:

Each tab contains a number of blocks.

The Task results can be sent via email as a Report. See Reporting.

The Summary Tab

The Devices Tab

The Databases Tab

The Alerts Tab


The Logs Tab

You can select the checkboxes to show or hide the columns:
To save Log Messages on your local PC, press the button "Download Log Msgs":
The alerts and errors that occur during the Policy run are saved in Log Files. See [Log Files].

The Policy Tab

The File Excludes Tab

The Default Excludes Tab

The Task Tab

You can collapse/expand the details of a block by clicking on the header of the corresponding block.