Accessing Reporting

Follow the instructions below to access the Email Reporting screen in the CDP Interface.

Click on "Reporting" in the Main Menu.

Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition
The "Reporting" page is not accessible for Standard Edition running on a free license. To register a paid license, see Registering a Paid Standard Edition License.
You can access the "Reporting" window by manually appending the /Reporting/ folder to the CDP Server address in the browser address bar. Example: Note that the address is case sensitive.

The "Reporting" window is divided into the following areas:

Reporting Menu | The "Reports" List | Details Pane

Reporting Menu

The following "Reporting" menu button is available:

The "Reports" List

The "Reports" list provides information about Reports in the grid. 

List Buttons

The buttons allow work with one or several items selected in the "Reports" list.

Pages Navigation

The Pages Navigation pane allows you to divide the "Reports" screen into pages by specifying the desired number of items per page. The Pages Navigation pane provides buttons to navigate from one page to another.

Details Pane

This pane provides detailed information about the Report selected in the list. There are three (3) tabs.

Summary Tab

The "Summary" tab provides the following blocks of information about the selected report.

Standard Edition
Advanced, Enterprise Edition
Report Options (Advanced, Enterprise Edition)

Viewers Tab

Recipients Tab

Shows the list of recipients which the generated Report will be sent to.

Filters Tab

Shows Filters applied to the Report. The filters allow you to specify the information which will be included in the generated Report.