Reactivating the License

You may need to reactivate the license in the following cases:

If your license has expired, you will receive a popup like the following. Click "Next" to proceed with the activation. Then go to the Step 6:

To reactivate the license, follow the instructions below.

1. Click on "Configuration" in the Main Menu to open the "Configuration" window.

Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition

2. In the "Configuration" menu, click on "Accessing License Information."

Standard Edition Advanced, Enterprise Edition

3. The "License Information" window opens.

4. Click "Re-Activate License" button.

5. The "License Activation" window opens. Click "Next" to continue the process of reactivation.

6. The next dialog offers you the following activation options:

Select an option and click "Next."

Only perpetual licenses can be manually activated. Trial licenses, heartbeat licenses, and pooled licenses need to access the licensing server in order to operate.

7. The next screen will prompt you for the Product Key. Enter the Product Key you received from the R1Soft sales team in the "Product Key" text box on the "License Activation" screen. You can enter an optional server description in the "Server Description" text box.

Click "Next."

8. Then you will receive a confirmation of successful activation. Click "OK."

9. Your license is now reactivated. The CDP Server redirects you to the Web Interface.

If you use Standard Edition running on a perpetual free license key that never expires, the "Download Now" button is displayed on the Dashboard above the main navigation screen. You can use this button to receive additional services.

You can register a paid Standard Edition license from either a trial or a free license. This enables email reporting and hides the up-sell on the Dashboard. See Registering a Paid Standard Edition License.