Configuring Web Server Options

You can adjust the CDP Server settings used for HTTP and HTTPS connections. Web Server HTTP Settings control Web Server configuration specific to unencrypted HTTP connections. Web Server HTTPS Settings control Web Server configuration specific to encrypted (SSL) HTTPS connections.

To access the CDP Server via HTTP protocol, start the address with http://. For HTTPS, use https://.

Follow the instructions below to configure the Web Server options in CDP.

1. Click on "Configuration" in the Main Menu to open the "Configuration" window.

Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition

2. In the "Configuration" menu, click on "Web Server Options."

Standard Edition Advanced Edition, Enterprise Edition

3. The "Web Server Options" window opens.

4. You can define the following options:

HTTP Options
SSL Options

5. Click on "Save."

6. The "Restart Web Server" window opens.

Changing the web server options requires the Web Server to be restarted.

Restarting will not interrupt any running tasks.

7. Click "Yes" to restart the Web Server.

  • If you change your port number, browse to the new URL manually.
  • If you disabled a protocol, you will need to switch to the other protocol manually. Otherwise, the page automatically redirects you when the server resumes.
  • If the Web Server does not restart in about 30 seconds, check server logs for errors.