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Page: Customizing the Volumes List
following actions are available to customize the view of the "Volumes" list: Hide/Show column Manage the number of items per page Sort the items in the list Filter the list You can use these functions to search ("bubble up") for the necessary items in the list ...
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Page: Deleting Volumes
Deleting a Volume will permanently remove the entire Volume from disk. You can delete Volumes which do not contain any Disk Safes. Follow the instructions below to delete a Volume in your CDP Enterprise Edition. 1. Click on "Volumes ...
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Page: Importing Existing Volume
Follow the instructions below to import existing Volume to CDP Enterprise Edition. 1. Click on "Volumes" in the Main Menu to access the "Volumes" page. !mainmenuent.png! 2. Click on the "Import Existing Volume" menu item in the Volumes menu. !importmenua.png! 3. The "Import ...
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Page: Removing Volumes
Removing a Volume will delete the Volume configuration from this CDP Server. All backed up data will remain on the disk and the Volume folder is kept. Removing a Volume is useful when you need to transfer it between Agents. After ...
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Page: Solved Issue with Power Users Not Being Able to Select a Volume
Power User is not able to select a Volume while creating a Disk Safe, despite their account being allocated to a Volume. The user is only given an option to enter a path. The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.0.1.
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