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Page: Customizing the Task History List
following actions are available to customize how you view the "Task History" list: Hide/Show column Manage the number of items per page Sort the items in the list Filter the list You can use these functions to search ("bubble up ...
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Page: Downloading Task Details
You may have full information about any running or finished Task in a separate .txt file. You can download task log messages from the "Log Msgs" tab. See CDP3:Viewing Log Messages. Follow the instructions ...
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Page: Viewing Log Messages
Follow the instructions below to access task log messages in the CDP Interface. 1. Click on "Task History" in the Main Menu to open the "Task History" screen. Standard Edition Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition !taskhistst.png! !mainmenuhist.png! !mainent.png! 2. In the "Task ...
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Page: Viewing Task Summary
Follow the instructions below to view Task information via the CDP Interface. You can access the summary of the last 10 finished replications and the last 10 Tasks with alerts from the Dashboard. See Using Standard Edition Dashboard, CDP3:Using ...
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