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Page: Accessing Agents
You can work with Agents using the "Agents" screen in your CDP Enterprise Edition. Follow the instructions below to access the "Agents" screen. Read the "Agents" screen description. Click on "Agents" in the Main Menu to open the "Agents" screen. !mainmenuent.png! You ...
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Page: Customizing the Agents List
following actions are available to customize the view of the "Agents" list CDP3:Accessing Agents: Hide/Show column Manage the number of items per page Sort the items in the list Filter the list \\ You can use these functions to search ("bubble up ...
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Page: Deleting Agents
When you delete a CDP Agent from the CDP Server, this also deletes all of the Host's Disk Safes. Follow the instructions below to delete an Agent in your CDP Enterprise Edition. Deleting an Agent will prevent any tasks ...
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Page: Enabling Databases Add-On for Agent
CDP, enduser level MySQL backup is not supported. Only superusers can fulfill MySQL backup. Subusers are limited by agent user permission. You can enable the Databases Addon while adding the agent to the system Adding the Agent to the CDP Server ...
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Page: Starting CDP Agent in Recovery Mode
When restoring files or database to an alternate Agent, the receiving machine must have a CDP Agent installed, and be placed into the "Recovery Mode." In this mode data restore is performed by the executable binary only. Installation of kernel module is not required. Recovery mode ...
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