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Page: Bare-Metal Restore in Windows Hyper-V
following article describes the steps needed to create a customized CentOS LiveCD, with support for Microsoft HyperV virtual machines, for the purpose of performing BareMetal Restores in CDP. The article is meant to be a proof of concept. The methods outlined can be used to create LiveCDs with other ...
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Page: Bare-Metal Restore of Archive Points
Follow the instructions below to run the BareMetal Restore of Archive Point. BareMetal Restore of Archive Points is the same as BareMetal Restore of a usual Recovery Point. 1. Click on "Recovery Points" in the Main Menu to open the "Recovery Points" screen. Advanced Edition ...
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Page: Configuring Bare-Metal Restore Server
After you have booted your server from Bare Metal Server Live CD or PXE boot, and configured the network CDP3:Configuring Network for BareMetal Restore, you should start the server and make sure that the server has access ...
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Page: Configuring Network for Bare-Metal Restore
After the boot from Live CD and PXE Network Boot, you may need to configure the network settings. Follow the instructions below. The network configuration process is the same for both two (2) boot methods. Live CD PXE Network ...
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Page: Launching Bare-Metal Restore
Follow the instructions below to start the BareMetal Restore of selected Recovery Points. The process is the same for all Boot methods: Live CD PXE Network Boot \\ 1. Click on "Recovery Points" in the Main Menu to open the "Recovery Points" screen. Enterprise ...
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Page: Options For Performing Bare-Metal Restore
different kinds of disasters you may need to recover from. At R1Soft we consider any situation requiring you to take your server offline to Restore as Disaster Recovery, and we call this BareMetal Restore. You typically want to perform ...
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Page: Restoring Windows Dynamic Disks
CDP Enterprise and Advanced Edition, you can perform BareMetal Restore of Windows dynamic disks. {}Dynamic disk is a physical disk initialized for dynamic storage. Dynamic disks do not use partitions or logical drives. They use a database to track information ...
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Page: Restoring Windows Logical Disks
CDP Enterprise and Advanced Edition, you can perform a BareMetal Restore of Windows logical disks. {}Logical drive is a part of a physical disk drive that has been partitioned and allocated as an independent unit, and functions as a separate drive altogether. For example ...
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