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Page: About Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility
CDP Agent Utility is a Windows application automatically installed together with CDP Enterprise Agent on the same machine. The Utility provides access to the common functions related to the CDP Agent. CDP Agent Utility is available on the machine with CDP Agent installed. On the machine ...
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Page: Changing Windows Agent Configuration
Windows Agent installer automatically sets default parameters for the configuration. If you want to change the default configuration values, you can do so by using your Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility CDP3:About Windows CDP Agent ...
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Page: Configuring CDP Agent Port
Follow the instructions below to configure CDP Agent Port. 1. {}Enterprise Edition: Run the Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility by going to Start !arrowtransparent.gif! All Programs (Programs) !arrowtransparent.gif! R1Soft CDP Backup !arrowtransparent.gif! CDP Configuration Utility ...
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Page: Launching the Windows CDP Agent Configuration Utility
1. After the Windows CDP Agent installation is complete, you have the ability to run the Windows CDP Configuration Utility from the "Start" menu. Start !arrowtransparent.gif! All Programs (Programs) !arrowtransparent.gif! R1Soft CDP Agent !arrowtransparent.gif! CDP Configuration ...
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Page: Managing Encryption Keys On Windows Agent
RSA keys help to control authentication between the CDP Agent and the CDP Server. The first time the CDP Agent runs, it will generate a new RSA Public and Private Key. The CDP Server will do the same. To communicate with the CDP Server, the Agent must ...
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Page: Restarting CDP Agent
Linux Installations 1. Start a remote SSH session or access a GUI terminal window (Konsole in KDE, Gnome Terminal in Gnome, etc.) 2. Use this command to restart the CDP Agent: # /etc/init.d/cdpagent restart Windows Installations Follow ...
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