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Page: Creating Archiving Policies
Archiving options can be defined for the new Policy or they can be added to an already existing one. Follow the instructions below to specify archiving options while creating a new Data Protection Policy Policies in CDP. 1. Click on Policy in the Main ...
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Page: Creating Disk Safes
Host must have a Disk Safe Disk Safes before any Replication can be run. Disk Safes should always be placed on reliable storage. For more Disk Safe best practices, see Disk Safe Best Practices. Follow ...
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Page: Creating Policies
Follow the instructions below to add a Data Protection Policy Policies in CDP. 1. Click on "Policy" in the Main Menu to open the "Policies" screen. Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Advanced Edition !polst.png! !mainmenuent.png! !mainmenupola.png! 2. In the Policy menu, click ...
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