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Page: Installing Agent on Windows
You can use the "Enterprise Edition" or "Enterprise Agent" installer to install the CDP Agent 3.18.2 Enterprise Edition. The Agent installer is a typical Windows installer application. Once you have obtained CDP3:Obtaining Windows CDP Enterprise Agent ...
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Page: Obtaining Windows CDP Enterprise Agent
download the Windows CDP Enterprise Agent installer using R1Soft Customer Portal, perform the following steps: The "Enterprise Edition" installer CDP3:Installing Enterprise Edition on Windows package is capable of installing both Server and Agent software. The "Enterprise Agent ...
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Page: Uninstalling Agent on Windows
remove the R1Soft CDP Agent from your computer, follow the steps below. 1. Locate the shortcut to the uninstaller program in the Windows Start menu. The full path to the shortcut is Start !arrow.png! (All) Programs !arrow.png! R1Soft CDP Agent !arrow.png ...
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Page: Upgrading Enterprise Agent for Windows
Upgrading Enterprise Agent for Windows You may be informed by email when a new version of R1Soft software is released. New versions are improved by bug fixes and new/reworked functionality. All enhancements made to the product are documented in the release notes. Release ...
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