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Page: About the Windows Agent Configuration Utility
Backup Agent Utility is a Windows application automatically installed together with the Backup Agent on the same machine. The Utility provides access to the common functions related to the Backup Agent. The Backup Agent Utility is available on the machine with the Backup Agent installed. On the machine where ...
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Page: Access configuration in Backup Manager
Configuration window in Server Backup Manager provides general information about your environment as well as a number of options and settings to help you get the most out of your installation. you can access all of the functions you need to manager ...
Page: Configuration API options
Use the following topics to get more information about a specific function: API Action ServerBackup:activateProduct Activate Server Backup. ServerBackup:getDiskQuotas Retrieve the set disk quota. ServerBackup:getFileRestoreStatistics \\ Retrieve the current statistics for your file restore ...
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Page: Configure Backup Agent
General description of the available configuration options for the Backup Agent. Instructions on how to configure the Backup Agent
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Page: Configure Backup Manager
General description of the available configuration options in the Backup Manager
Page: Configure Data Center Console
Console Configuration page allows you to customize the Console's SSL and HTTP settings, set the thresholds for Dashboard statuses, manage the SMTP protocol, and define other settings. Accessing Data Center Console configuration Use the following instructions to access Console ...
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Page: Configure network ports
you are using a network firewall or hostbased firewall (e.g. iptables), you may need to change your firewall configuration to open ports that Server Backup Manager uses for network communication. Licensing Server Network Ports Input: allow TCP ...
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Page: Configure Product Features
Backup Manager administrator can configure the interface of the product to make it more accessible and easy to use. This is done by hiding some menu options and product features that are not required by some users. When upgrading the Backup Manager to a version of 4.6.0 or greater, the system ...
Page: Configure Server Backup Manager on Windows
After installation Install Server Backup Manager on Windows manually, you need to configure the Backup Manager. 1. By default, the embedded Web server required for the Webbased Interface will listen on TCP ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS). These ports are frequently ...
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