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Page: Disk Safe API options
Use the following topics to get more information about a specific function: API Action ServerBackup:addDevicesToDiskSafe Add the entered device to the entered Disk Safe. ServerBackup:attachExistingDiskSafe Attach the entered Disk Safe to Server Backup. ServerBackup:createDiskSafeWithObject Create ...
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Page: Manage Disk Safes
Server Backup Manager creates backups using the Virtual Full Backup TP:Backup Method Virtual Full Backup method. First, SBM creates the initial full backup, or initial replica. After that, each time a replication executes, SBM ...
Page: Use Disk Safe Replication
You can create a replica Disk Safe from any recovery point in the original, attached Disk Safe. Effectively, you can consider this a new seed created from an existing Disk Safe. You can also update ...
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