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Page: Policy API options (Server Backup )
Use the following topics to get more information about a specific function: API Action ServerBackup:createPolicy Create a policy on the entered disk safe. ServerBackup:deletePolicy Delete the entered policy. ServerBackup:getPolicies Retrieve a list of policies. ServerBackup:getPolicyById ...
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Page: Solved Issue of Policy Alerts Not Clearing after a Successful Replication (CDP)
CDP Server Dashboard reports that the Policy has alerts after a successful replication. This happens when there are disabled loop Devices in the Disk Safe. This also occurs when any disk has been disabled in the Disk Safe. Even if the backups have ...
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Page: Solved Issue with File Exclude on Windows Agents (CDP)
Policy's "File Excludes" tab, you select the checkbox next to the {{C:}} drive to exclude it. Once the Policy is run, it fails with the following error: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJBDCException could not execute query The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. The Policy will now run ...
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