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Page: CDPで使用されているVSS について (ナレッジベース)
質問 MS シャドウコピー (VSS)は、CDP でどのように使用されるのですか? 解答 ...
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Page: Error - Backups of MS SQL Server and Databases using MS SQL Addon not Working (Knowledge Base)
Unable to replicate MS SQL Server and databases using MS SQL Addon introduced in CDP version 4.0. No eligible device with SQL Server database Advanced Policy Settings has the option set to "Exclude All Volume Shadow Copy ...
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Page: How much space does VSS need to create and maintain a snapshot? (Knowledge Base)
How much space is required for the VSS Snapshot on a Windows host? My drive is more than 1 GB free. I set MS Shadow Copy to use no more than 500 MB. I have this error during backup ...
Page: How to view a Microsoft VSS snapshot in Windows File Explorer (Knowledge Base)
Question How can I verify what data is captured in a Windows VSS Shadow Copy (snapshot) ? Solution First verify that you have a Shadow Copy (snapshot) to view, you can do this by running a 'vssadmin' command to list Shadow ...
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Page: How VSS Is Used By CDP (Knowledge Base)
Question How is MS Shadow Copy (VSS) used by CDP? Answer Microsoft Shadow Copy, also known as Volume Snapshot Service or VSS, is used by R1Soft CDP for Windows. Shadow Copy is a technology included in Windows Operating systems that allows ...
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Page: Multi Volume Shadow Copy with Windows Agents (Knowledge Base)
Scenario: MS SQL is installed on the system drive (C\:) with databases on another drive (D\:) in the same machine. The VSS snapshot mechanism for Windows OS's by default will only snapshot one partition at a time. This will cause the database(s) on the non snapshot drive to be out ...
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Page: Solved Issue with Agent Uninstall Breaking VSS (CDP)
Uninstalling Windows CDP Agent (on Version 2.0 or 3.0) breaks the VSS engine on Windows XP. The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. CDP Agent uninstalls cleanly, leaving VSS in a working state
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Page: Verifying VSS Works Correctly (Knowledge Base)
Question I have errors during backup and I assume they are caused by Microsoft Shadow Copy and the VSS Engine. How can I find out if the error is outside of R1Soft's CDP product ? Sample error: An error occurred during ...
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Page: VSS の動作検証 (ナレッジベース)
質問 バックアップ中にエラーが発生しました。Microsoft シャドウコピーとVSS ...
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Page: VSS スナップショットを作成および保持するためにどのくらいのディスク領域が必要なのか? (ナレッジベース)
Windows ホストでは、VSS スナップショットを保存するためにどのくらいのデ ...