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* Customers upgrading Windows Agents from v. 2.x to v. 3.14 or later versions no longer require a manual uninstall of the 2.x Windows Agent. Users running the 3.14 installer will be prompted during installation to remove the 2.x agent (if detected). The installer will remove all 2.x binaries and require a reboot and re-run of the 3.14 installer to complete the installation process.
* Customers upgrading from version 3.10 with Archiving Limits set prior to the upgrade will need to reset archive limits post-upgrade. This can be easily accomplished using the bulk edit feature which can be accessed via the Policy tab.
* The upgrade will change the java heap size to 50% of physical memory if the server.conf file has been customized with a higher value. Reserving more than 50% of a system's memory for the Java Heap can result in situations where not enough memory is available for non-heap memory to the CDP sServer, or for other applications running on the system.
* Upgrading customers (from v. 3.10 or earlier versions) may experience a delay when starting the WebUI. Please be patient as important updates are in progress. The log file will display "CDP Started" when all database updates are complete.