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Follow the instructions below to set a schedule for a new or existing [Archiving Policy|].

1. Open the Web browser connected to the CDP Server Web Interface and log in (See [CDP3:Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface]).

21. Click on Policy in the Main Menu to open the Policies window.
|| Advanced Edition || Enterprise Edition ||
| !main-menu-pola.png! | !policy.png! |
32. In the Policy menu, click on Create New Policy.

|| Advanced Edition | !66.png! ||
|| Enterprise Edition | !124.png!\\ ||
43. The Create New Policy/Edit Policy window will open. Select the Data Retention tab.

54. Click the Add Archiving Schedule button.

65. The Archive Schedule Picker window will appear.
Here you can set the Archiving Trigger Type, which is the type of archiving schedule. There are five options available - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You can set the specific time for the archiving process depending on the selected trigger.
You can select the starting time, day of the month, and months of the year. The archiving policy will be launched at that time.

76. Click OK to apply the settings.
!s6.png! {excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to schedule an Archiving Policy in CDP.{excerpt}