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Follow the instructions below to add a Volume to your CDP Enterprise Edition.

1. Open the Web browser connecting to the CDP Enterprise Edition and log in (See [Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface]).
1. Click on "Volumes" in the Main Menu to access the Volumes page.


2. Click on "Volumes" in the Main Menu to access the Volumes page.


32. Then click "Create New Volume" in the Volumes menu located in the top left area.


43. The "Create New Volume" window will open. It contains the following tabs:
* *Identification*
* *Users*
* *Limits*

54. Define the following settings specific to the new Volume:

* *Hard Quota* \- The value in bytes or in deltas. Hard Quota allows resources to be occupied by data. If the Hard Quota is reached, then the system forbids generating new Recovery Points. The replication is interrupted and failed.

65. Once the Volume settings are specified, click "Save" to add the new Volume to the system.


76. The Volume will appear in the "Volumes" list.

!a9.png! {excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to create a new Volume in CDP Enterprise Edition.{excerpt}