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{excerpt:hidden=true}General description of API Documentation in CDP.{excerpt}


h4. API

CDP Advanced and Service Provider editions include *API* (Application Programmer Interface) options. API can be used by developers who need to integrate a CDP Service Provider or Advanced edition into their existing billing or provisioning system.

h4. SOAP

The CDP Server API uses *SOAP* (Simple Object Access Protocol), which is the industry-standard for integrating web services applications.

SOAP messages use the language chosen by the authenticated user. If no language is chosen, or the chosen language is not installed, then the messages use the CDP server's default language. If there are problems with the CDP server's default language, English is used as the default language for SOAP messages.

h4. soapUI

You can use *soapUI* to create and execute automated functional, regression, compliance, and load tests. *soapUI* is a free, open-source, cross-platform functional testing solution. In a single test environment, soapUI provides complete test coverage and supports all standard protocols and technologies. You can download soapUI 4.5 open-source here: []. Read more: [].

h4. API Documentation

You can access the API Reference Documentation in {{<CDP_URL>/apidoc}}. The documentation describes classes, structs, unions, and interfaces. See details in [Accessing API Documentation].

h4. Sample Scripts

CDP installation includes:
* PHP scripts
* soapUI scripts

You can find PHP sample scripts for API calls for the following customer types:

* Admin Only - All users logging into the CDP server will be administrators (super-users).
* Multi-Tenant with groups - Group-based administration (not recommended for service providers).
* Multi-Tenant - User-based administration.
* Tiered Reselling - User-based administration (customers can create their own users).

You can access scripts in {{/usr/sbin/r1soft/apisamples}}.
Read more in [Accessing Example API Functions].

In addition to PHP scripts, R1Soft supplies XML scripts for soapUI.

{info:title=Note}The current soapUI script works only for CDP servers installed on Windows. See [Running SoapUI Script on Linux].{info}

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{excerpt:hidden=true}General description of API Documentation in CDP.{excerpt}{newversion}