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{info:title=Note} You can view the release notes here: [Release Notes].
We assume that you have a server running Linux CDP Enterprise Edition 3.18.1 4.2.0 or an earlier version and that you used the automatic method to install the server so that the CDP packages repository is already added to the configuration. You can read about how to configure the CDP packages repository in [this document|Installing Agent on Linux].
R1Soft products follow this format for version numbers: MAJOR.MINOR.MAINTENANCE. Pre-release downloads ALWAYS have a version number that has an ODD MINOR number, e.g., 3.*{+}7{+}*.5. Stable downloads ALWAYS have a version number with an EVEN MINOR number, e.g., 3.*{+}18{+}*.1.
* [Upgrading Agent on Debian and Ubuntu]

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to upgrade CDP Agent Enterprise Edition to version 3.18.2 4.2.1 on Linux.{excerpt}