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When you run a vacuum, the Disk Safe is taken offline, meaning the Disk Safe cannot be used by policies or for restores. The vacuum attempts to shrink the Disk Safe {{.db}} files as much as possible by relocating empty pages to the end of the file and full or partially filled pages to the front of the file. At the end, the file is truncated by the number of empty pages that existed in the {{.db}} file.
{note:title=Best Practice}Avoid vacuuming your Disk Safe and certainly do not do it on a regular basis as the vacuum process, by nature, causes unavoidable internal fragmentation of the Disk Safe files which can impact performance. Normally, the Disk Safe file is organized as optimally as possible for fast indexing of the B-Tree to locate block-level deltas as needed for file restores and when writing new deltas for replication. By relocating pages in the file to truncate it the ordering become less optimal.

h4. How to Vacuum Disk Safes