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All data necessary for a restore is kept in [Disk Safes|CDP3:Disk Safes|Disk Safes]. On a physical level, a Disk Safe is a folder containing files/folders. You can change a Disk Safe's path by manually copying its folder to the other location. In this case, you need to close the Disk Safe via the CDP Interface, then move/copy the folder to the desired place. Then open the Disk Safe via the CDP Interface.
{info:title=Tip}You can open a Disk Safe on another CDP Server.
3. The Disk Safe will now have the green icon in the "Enabled" column.

 You can also attach existing Disk Safes using the "Disk Safes" tab of the Agent "Details" Pane. This screen provides the same functionality as the main "Disk Safes" screen. See more information in [CDP3:Accessing Agents].

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to attach Disk Safes in CDP.{excerpt}