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Follow the instructions below to disable Device(s) assigned to a Disk Safe in CDP.

1. Click on "Disk Safes" in the Main Menu to open the "Disk Safes" window.
|| Standard Edition || Enterprise Edition || Advanced Edition ||
| !ds-st.png! | !main-menu-ent.png! | !main-menu-dsa.png! |
2. In the "Disk Safes" list, find a Disk Safe. Click on the "Manage Devices" icon in the "Actions" column for this Disk Safe to open the "Devices" window. !107.png!
{info:title=Tip}To find a Disk Safe, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [Customizing the Disk Safes List|Customizing the Disk Safes List#filter].
3. The "Devices" window will open.
1. Access the "Devices" tab of the "Edit Disk Safe" window. For the detailed instructions see [Accessing Devices].

!devices.png! !17d.png!

42. In the "Devices In Disk Safe" pane, click on the "Disable" icon for the Device you want to exclude from the replication.

!dev-disable.png! !18d.png!

5. Confirm your request to disable the device by clicking on "Disable" in the displayed confirmation window.

!disable-device-ok.png! !20d.png!

6. The Device now has the red icon in the "Enabled" column showing that this Device will not be replicated.

!dev-red.png! !19d.png!

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to disable Device(s) assigned to a Disk Safe in CDP.{excerpt}