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{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to add and configure an Exchange Instance in the Policy window.{excerpt}

Once you have the [Databases Add-On enabled for an Agent|Enabling Databases Add-On for Agent], add the Exchange instance to the Policy. This will enable the Policy to use a special replication procedure to back up the Exchange database installed on the Agent machine.

Follow the instructions below in your CDP Service Provider (Enterprise) or Advanced Edition to add and configure an Exchange instance on the Policy.

1. Select the "Exchange" tab in the Policy window. You can do this while [creating a new Policy|Creating Policies] as shown below.

!Create New Policy_Exchange Tab_English.png!

You can also select the "Exchange" tab in the "Edit Policy" window after the Policy has been saved, and even while it is running. See [Editing Policies].

!Edit Policy_Exchange Tab_English.png!

2. On the "Exchange" tab of the "Create New Policy"/"Edit Policy" window, define the following options:
* *Backup All Exchange Instances* \- Enable this check-box to perform Exchange database replication.
* *Verify Exchange* \- Indicates whether to perform a database consistency check. The following values are available in the drop-down list:
** *Never Verify* \- Does not verify after backups. This option is selected by default. It is the recommended value for MS Exchange 2010.
** *Always Verify* \- Verifies after every backup.
** *After Every X Successful Backup* \- Verifies all backups after several backups complete successfully (the number of successful backups is specified in the "Verify Exchange Frequency" field). 
* *Verify Exchange Frequency* \- Specifies how often the verifications must be done.

!Edit Policy_Exchange Instances configured_English.png!

3. Click on the "Save" button for your changes to take effect.

!Save button.png!\\

4. Once the Policy completes successfully, you will be able to restore your MS Exchange.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to add and configure an Exchange Instance in the Policy window.{excerpt}{newversion}