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You can assign a [disk safe|ServerBackup:Manage disk safes] safe|Manage Disk Safes] to a volume. In this case, the volume must exist before before the disk safe.

Use the following steps to add a volume to Server Backup Manager.
* *Quota Type* \- From the drop-down menu, select a quota type:
** *On Disk Size* \- Quota is based on the raw Disk file size of all the Disk Safes and their files in the Volume's folder. 
** *Size of Deltas in Disk Safe* \- The quotas will calculate the sum of the sizes (after compression) of the actual block level deltas in the Disk Safe file. Disk Safe's overhead and unused space in the Disk Safe file are not counted against the quota. You can find a description of deltas in [ServerBackup:Manage disk safes].{info:title=Note} in [Manage Disk Safes].{info:title=Note}
Similar to a database, the Disk Safe format adds overhead to the raw data. This can happen if you delete more deltas from the Disk Safe than you add. For example, you delete a large number of data from the data set you are protecting. That data are no longer retained in any of your Recovery Points. As old Recovery Points are merged out and block-level deltas are no longer needed, they are "freed" from the Disk Safe file. Until there is a vacuum of the Disk, the size of the Disk Safe {{.db}} file(s) will not get smaller. You can run [vacuuming|ServerBackup:Vacuum disk safes] but it is time consuming, causes internal fragmentation of the {{.db}} Disk Safe files, and can affect the files' performance.