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When you merge old or unwanted recovery points, it is normal for the on-disk size of the Disk Safe files to not change or get smaller. Normally, this is not an issue and you can let the Disk Safe manage its on-disk footprint, automatically reusing the freed storage for new block-level deltas.

If you delete a device or disk volume from the disk safe, Disk Safe, its space is automatically deleted because each disk has its own block-level delta store ({{.db}} file). When you delete a disk from the Disk Safe, this file is deleted.

h4. When to Vacuum
h3. Bulk Vacuuming

1. Select some or all disk safe to the Disk Safes to vacuum using the check boxes.

!Disk Safe list_Bulk selection_3_English.png!

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to vacuum a disk safe in Disk Safe in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}