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h2. 1. Compiling Server Backup kernel module against kernel headers or kernel source tree

The Server Backup Manager agent is not always able to compile kernel modules from kernel-devel packages supplied by most major Linux distributions. In some cases, packages are missing header files (broken), or the packages are stripped of information that any device driver would need to compile a kernel module. In these cases, SBMA can build using an installed {{kernel-devel}} package on your Linux server, as {{serverbackup-setup}} obtains the missing information it needs to compile a module from your running kernel.

In order for kernel module compilation, you must have Internet connectivity directly from the Linux server on which you are installing the Backup Manager, backup agent, to TCP port HTTPS (443), and on the host {{}}. (443).

* Install the Server Backup agent on the internet connected machine.   You can stop the agent, we really just need the getmodule tool.
* On the system that does not have direct network access to the mbuild build servers install and run “getmodule \-ha”. This will collect system information to be packed in to a zip file that can then be copied to a Linux system with internet connectivity 
{code} $ getmodule \-ha
Building header archive ...